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Eyelids and Eye Bags (Blepharoplasty)

Eye-lids and eye-bags before and afterPuffy hanging eye bags and droopy upper eyelids can make you look permanently tired, moody, angry, hostile, unfriendly and generally older than you feel. In fact, it’s because we look into each other’s eyes when we converse that your eyes get most of the attention from people around you. That’s why the eyelids and eye-bags are the primary indicators of one’s ageing. Of course, there is nothing unnatural in this. But Blepharoplasty (aesthetic surgery on eyelids and eye-bags) can easily tackle this problem with amazing results, thus returning to you your youthful smile, ‘fresh-morning’ radiant glow and self-confidence in life.

What’s involved in Blepharoplasy?
The operation is usually performed under local anasthetic with adrenalin (so as to minimise the bleeding). Small incisions are made just below the lashes (in the case of eye-bags) and in the natural creases of your upper eye-lids. Then the plastic surgeon removes the excess fat and trims the excess skin and muscle.

Why choose Dr. Karine Karapetian as your plastic surgeon for Blepharoplasty?

  1. Dr Karapetian has a vast experience in plastic surgery spanning over 3 decades of hard work and learning. She has performed over 9000 surgical operations. In particular, Dr Karapetian has performed over 500 blepharoplasties.
  2. Over decades of experience Dr Karine Karapetian has developed her own methods and secrets in aesthetic surgery, which help her achieve superb results.
  3. Dr Karine Karapetian is a female, which has numerous advantages during consultations and surgical operations.
  4. You are guaranteed to be consulted by the same Plastic Surgeon who will perform the actual operation on your body.
  5. During the consultation the Plastic Surgeon will give you an objective independent advice as a medical doctor, rather than a businessman -- taking into account all the possible health risks.
  6. Dr Karapetian’s stitching techniques are outstanding, which leaves invisible scars.
  7. With her own patients Dr Karine Karapetian prefers to pay a very personalised extra attention to the after-care period.
  8. Dr Karine Karapetian charges little more than standard prices, but when you see the results you will know exactly where that extra money went.


Blepharoplasty - patient testimonials

Irina (48), Athens

I had blepharoplasty (correction of upper and lower eyelids) with Dr Karapetian almost 7 years ago. Therefore I can judge about the long-term results of this operation. So far, they are wonderful. The professionalism of doctors is undeniable.
But there is also another feature of the treatment with Dr Karapetian: one receives such a powerful charge of kind energy that the rejuvenating effect of the procedures doubles. This is not just my personal observation, but is obvious for all her patients.
High level of professionalism and the extraordinary spiritual gift is something for which I am very grateful to Dr. Karapetian.

I bow to you, my dear doctor, and best wishes.

Olga (45), Thessaloniki

Many go for plastic surgery for the sake of beauty and youthful looks. My decision was different - I was looking for a job. But the feeling of my age deprived me of the confidence that I needed. Fate brought me to a meeting with Dr. Karapetian, who was able to accurately determine the desired operation that was necessary and suitable to my face and body (correction of the eye lids and thigh-lift). A miracle happened in my life! A month later I got the desired job, which I could not even dream of before. I recommend this doctor not only as an experienced professional, but also as a sensitive and nice person, from whom you get a huge positive boost!

Questions & Answers: 

Thank you for inquiry. From what you are describing a correction is possible, although not through a simple blepharoplasty, but with the use of tarsoplasty and/or browlift. Given your young age you need a well done operation with a result lasting for a lifetime. Of course, I would need to see you and examine your eyelids and eyebrow, so as to give you a more precise advise regarding the methodology as well as the cost. Please do get in touch so as to set up an appointment.

The operation itself is exactly the same as the blepharoplasty of upper and lower eyelids, but with the intended design, demarcations of the eyelid skin and the correction of the eye muscles done in a way that would create the desired European looking style. Cost of this procedure is from 3000 to 4000 euros.

The initial blepharoplasty is performed depending on the case. The patients' age usually varies from 32 to 70. If the initial operation is carried out at an early age and the method is designed for long-term results (5-10 years), then a second blepharoplasty can be performed at a more mature age. Generally it is not desirable to have this operation more than 2 times.