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My Philosophy Of Beauty

In 21st century plastic surgery has reached a new milestone. In the past we would hear about plastic surgery from the biographies of Hollywood stars and celebrities. Nowadays, however, plastic surgery has become more accessible and more affordable to broader population, and has thus acquired a more social significance.

Modern achievements in aesthetic surgery provide a safe and affordable way to beauty, rejuvenation and perfection - a way to discard self-doubts and gain new self-confidence.


Not everyone can be a Plastic Surgeon - one must first be an artist. One must have that heightened inner sense of aesthetics and feel the ever-present harmonies in forms and colours in all aspects of life and nature. And when it comes to patients, it is important that a plastic surgeon's postoperative results come as not just a "mechanical" task, but from inside that deeply nested understanding of aesthetics and harmony of forms. I believe that my early interest in arts, design as well as long study of classical music have had a long-lasting impact on how I perform plastic surgery.

To improve the persons’ looks and to bring it to perfection is the essence of our profession. When a person’s outer looks are improved and when it fulfils him or her, it makes that person more harmonious and balanced inside - he begins looking at the world differently; through his changes outside, he starts changing inside. He re-gains his self confidence in life.

A Female Touch

As a woman plastic surgeon, I base my philosophy not only on scientific reasoning along with three decades of surgical experience, but also on intuition and female approach. Concepts of Love and Care have played an important role throughout my career. This helps me reach more deeply into the psychology, mentality and the desires and expectattions of my patients. This is greatly valued by my patients.


As a plastic surgeon, I believe that the credibility of the doctor plays an important role in the psychological preparation for surgery. Patients will sense the care and kindness of the healing doctor. That’s why a doctor must be truly honest and kind without pretence or acting. My patients' trust is especially important to me. I attribute particular attention to the after-care period, deontology and communication. I believe that Trust is essential in patient-doctor relationship, and I have earned this trust from thousands of satisfied clients throughout my career that spans more than 30 years.

My love and respect for my profession and patients impose a special responsibility for the correct choice of treatment, technically flawless conduct of operations and results that have a natural, rather than "operated on", look. My number one priority is the patient, who is happy with the final result.


My approach to the patient is based on the uniqueness, honesty and respect and the latest scientific achievements in medical practice. I believe that the most important aspect in the work of plastic surgeon - is honesty, humanism and the maximal attention to the patient. Since getting acquainted with him/her during the consultation, I assume the responsibility for all subsequent stages of treatment, which I prefer to conduct myself - preoperative preparation, choice of special bandages and silicone implants, the operation itself, the subsequent ligation, removal of stitches, additional procedures and prolonged observation for several years. The totality of features in my professional work allow me to achieve the final goal of perfection.

My Philosophy Of Work-Ethics

Perfection by deed. In my work I prioritise quality over quantity, and then I prioritise Style over Quality itself. I don’t stop at that alone – I search for more progress and perfection. One must never stop and seek new ways to perfection and the absolute (even if the absolute may be impossible). I enjoy my profession and that has its impact upon my results.

My philosophy of workethics is that Plastic surgery is an art-form. It is a craftsmanship, rather than a mass-production. It’s a question of creativity, rather than productivity. I have built my path to professionalism and perfection by staying loyal to my philosophy and investing in my reputation by delivering superb cosmetic and reconstructive results.

I am glad that I'm in a creative profession, because it allows me to give people the beauty and self-confidence. In return I get a lot of thanks from the thousands of people change their lives and have found a new happiness. This is the most rewarding aspect of my work.

There's no such thing as "Irreplaceable people", but there is no substitute to surgical excellence!