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Combine Your Holiday with Cosmetic Surgery

We welcome our patients in Greece - the wonderful land of gods and mythology - a country of ancient culture, philosophy and medicine.

Greece is known for its unique natural beauty, maritime climate, numerous wellness mineral and thermal springs. It is a popular destination that many choose in search of a miraculous rejuvenation for the soul, body and one's appearance. 

Even during a short holiday you can visibly rejuvenate and obtain the desired beauty. This can be achieved with the help of one of the most sought after services in the world of modern medicine - Cosmetic Surgery. 

All types of plastic surgery and anti-aging treatments are performed by Dr. Karina Karapetian - a specialised plastic surgeon with an international experience of more than 30 years. 

Our service has many of its particular features that distinguish us from other medical tourism providers:

  • Cosmetic Surgery prodecudes are carried out in accordance with the highest European and international standards of practice, ensuring desired results.
  • Operations are conducted in one of the best private hospitals in Athens - Metropolitan Hospital, which is located in a picturesque coastline area and equipped with modern European and international facilities, required in performing the most complex procedures.
  • Patients are guaranteed to have a personal postoperative care in the "luxury" ward.
  • Daily observations by the surgeon herself at the clinic located in Glyfada, which is a luxurious coastal area of ​Athens.
  • Communication in your native English language with the surgeon, anesthesiologist and medical staff creates a greater sense of confidence and comfort.
  • We can also offer a complete physical and psychological comfort and relaxation (consultation with physicians of all specialties, a consultation with a psychologist, a course of acupuncture and massage services, as well as stylist's services).
  • Special physiotherapy treatment will be conducted at the health springs (geysers, waterfalls, lakes, SPA). This helps to speed up the post-operative recovery and achieve the best possible results.
  • We guarantee complete confidentiality.  This is very important especially to our high-profile clients.
  • During your stay in Greece you will have a personal assistant and a driver, fluent in English, Russian, French and Greek.
  • You can choose hotels of all classes and categories at the coastline with close proximity to the hospital and the clinic.
  • Prior to your surgery, you can enjoy trips on comfortable yachts and ships with a visit to the islands, as well as tourist destinations by helicopter and private transport.
  • We also provide dynamic post-operative monitoring of our patients in their own countries (Russia, Europe, USA and Middle East).
  • We offer additional tourism and recreational services for our VIP clients from different countries.

We offer a wide Spectrum of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic procedures: correction of eyelids and eyebags, brow lift, facelift, neck-lift, nose reshaping, chin correction, correction of the ears, lip surgery, breast augmentation, breast lift, reduction of male and female breasts, liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Thigh Lift, Arm lift, correction of female genital lips, scar removal and tattoo removal, tumor removals, reconstructive surgery, laser therapy, as well as a wide range of injectables. 

Operations are conducted for both women and men.

Dr. Karina Karapetian and her assistants provide patients with the highest level of medical care and guarantee excellent post-operative results.

Welcome to the ancient Hellas for your metamorphosis!