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Breast Enlargement /Breast Augmentation (augmentation Mammoplasty)

Breast AugmentationBreast Enlargement (also called Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants or Boob Job) is currently the most prevailing and fashionable form of cosmetic surgery, accounting for almost 50% of all cosmetic surgeries performed in Europe.

Small breasts are often a source of many insecurities and even embarrassment to many females, who feel that they have lost their femininity. Your breasts may have not developed to the size that you hoped for. Additionally, as a result of childbirth, weight-loss or just ageing the busts may loose their shape, size and full bustline. But Breast Enlargement and Breast Augmentation enables women to regain the desired shape, size and bustline of their breasts, as well as to recover their femininity and self-confidence.


What’s involved in Breast Enlargement?

At the most basic level, Breast Enhancement involves inserting silicone implants (of various types) behind the breast tissue. There are many techniques of achieving this: through incision in the crease, or near the armpits or around the edges of the areola. There are also various possible places for implant pockets: submuscular, subglandular, supra-pectoral-muscular. There are yet many types of silicone implants that vary greatly in quality and prices. During the consultation with the Specialist Plastic Surgeon You should be able to discuss all these variables and receive an individually tailored service that suits Your needs and expectations. Despite Breast Enlargement being so widespread and commonplace, it still remains (or should remain) a very personalised procedure, with many variations that are tailored after one’s requirements, health concerns and needs.

Watch out for…

The rapid increase in popularity and quantities of plastic surgeries is paralleled with the rapid increase of people who like to call themselves “plastic surgeons”. It’s often hard to find the right specialist plastic surgeon with decades of experience, who would be able to give you an objective advice which takes into account health risks and individual needs. At the same time, while quantity is on increase, quality often deteriorates. Watch out for standardised Breast Enlargement procedures with cheap silicones, rough stitches and rushed after-care! It is important to consult a plastic surgeon who will approach the case individually and medically, with full knowledge of possible complications of the female body. Likewise, it is important to speak to a specialised consultant plastic surgeon who, instead of telling you that you definitely should go for Breast Enlargement, will take into account all aspects of your case and will evaluate whether you should go for this surgery or not. It is also important that you consult the actual plastic surgeon who will be performing the actual operation on your body.

Why choose Dr. Karine Karapetian as your plastic surgeon for Breast Augmentation?

  1. Dr Karapetian has a vast experience in plastic surgery spanning over decades of hard work and learning. She has performed over 9000 surgical operations.
  2. Over decades of experience Dr Karine Karapetian has developed her own methods and secrets in aesthetic surgery, which help her achieve superb results.
  3. Dr Karine Karapetian is a female, which has numerous advantages during consultations and surgical operations.
  4. You are guaranteed to be consulted by the same Plastic Surgeon who will perform the actual operation on your body.
  5. During the consultation the Plastic Surgeon will give you an objective independent advice as a medical doctor, rather than a businessman -- taking into account all the possible health risks.
  6. Dr Karapetian during 25 years uses the best silicone implant manufacturers in the world (which comes at a price, though minimises the risks and delivers outstanding results).
  7. Dr Karapetian’s stitching techniques are outstanding, which leaves invisible scars.
  8. With her own patients Dr Karine Karapetian prefers to pay a very personalised extra attention to the after-care period.
  9. Dr Karine Karapetian charges little more than standard prices, but when you see the results you will know exactly where that extra money went.
Questions & Answers: 

Yes, I do. I have done these for more than 20 years.

Yes, of course I perform Breast Reduction surgery for women.

There are anatomical limits, which must be taken into account. These depend on the age, the characteristics of the soft tissues of the breast, chest muscles, the type of silicone implants and the method of breast augmentation procedure itself. However, we must not forget that the desired size of the breasts should also be fully in harmony with the body's overall proportions. One should aim for the effect of naturally looking, rather than "implanted" breasts. The question of maximum possible breast size is normally determined by the surgeon, while examining the individual case during the consultation.

Breast augmentation and areola reduction can be carried out separately, as well as simultaneously.

Yes, it is possible. However, the right choice of silicone implants is very important. The maximum symmetry is achieved by using Sizers during the breast augmentation surgery.

You can have either a breast uplift or breast augmentation; or you can combine both operations simultaneously. However, because each case varies, a more precise answer can be determined only after an examination of your breasts during the consultation.

For a more serious approach to health concerns the establishment of hormonal and metabolic rate is necessary. Therefore, it is desirable to wait 1-1.5 years after birth-giving. It is also desirable that the silicone implant is introduced not in the mammary gland itself, but under the pectoral muscle, so as to avoid injury of the mammary gland which is a hormonal organ.

The technique of introducing the silicone implants under the pectoral muscle, rather than directly into the mammary gland, allows us to obtain the desired shape and size of the breast, which will feel completely natural to touch.

In principle this is possible. But, you should take into account that this would also mean having a prolonged anaesthesia, 4 to 5 hours. I would recommend doing these procedures separately, so as to ease the postoperative period.